Hilang ATM Card

Published February 4, 2013 by mamalolapapabobo

Hilang ATM Maybank Card.

Hahahhahah teruk x ma.. yea amat teruk… huhuh i dont even know kat mane i hilang kan mycard.. last hari tu bank in duit di bank used the card.. hari sabtu nak kuar duit card dah missing.. baru mcm lipas kudung cari kad.. Hubby dah ngepek or membebel or nag me caw1.. hahahha dalam marah kat ma pun hubby still lg dailkan no maybank untuk batalkan card tu. huuhu tq my hubby.

So what to do bila kad hilang???? Simple jew.. First it is important for you to know if ur card is a debit card means people can just swap your card anywhere , coz there are some place you did not need to eneter the pin code for verification of the debit card.. itu yg sgt risau.. kang kering duit x padal kan….

1. Once you notice that your card is missing, call this no cancel the card. Means x de org boleh gune that card anymore : 1-300-88-6688. No nie berbayar if im not mistaken.
2. Once dah masuk ke talian tekan lah butang 1 untuk melapor kan kad hilang. Operator akan tanye some detail of yours for the verification. After semua dah okeh and betul the card will be cancel.
3. Be Aware that kalau you jumpe you punye card right after you call the operator just know, ur card memang x boleh digunakan lagi.
4. Go to the nearest Maybank to do new replacement card for ur card. ( dah x mcm dulu k, dulu ma hilang diorg sh balik ke cawangan yg ma buat card before to renew)
5. Pegi bank ckp nak buat card baru kos card hilang. Dia bg form n isi kan. Return back the form and give ur IC to the kounter.
6. Tunggu die panggil… then x sampai 20 minutes you will have ur card.
7. RM12 will be deducted from ur account..
8. Finally after receiving the card go to the ATM and change ur pin number…

Hahahhahahhah tp ade hikmah nye kos ma dapat kad baru.. kad maybank Manchester United. Sgt cool and i like…

Gambar kreadit to MAYBANK.

but dont be careless like me.. but really i like to lost my things.. i dont know why.. i am like that.. huhuhu


One comment on “Hilang ATM Card

  • hai..saya pun baru mengalami situasi yang sama dgn ma..masa bank in guna kad jugak..ni yg buat risau smpai tak boleh fikir dgn betul masa kerja..

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