Ya Allah Tabah kan HATI mereka….

Published March 12, 2013 by mamalolapapabobo


semalam ma n hubby pegi melawat one our big family members.not a close family member mengikut pertalian darah but still my hubby punye family there are very close to each other even there are not from thr same mmother or the same father..

ukhwah itu penting and of course i do salute a lot to my mother inlaw becouse she is the person that keep every one in touch.. she is very2 kind also nice to anyone… so ma, we all love u.. Alhamdullilah, syukur sgt i dikurniakan mother inlaw yg sgt2 baik…

back to the story again.. we go and pay a visit to one family in puchong.. MIL cal us informing that she has safely give birth to a baby gurl but having some problem and the baby is still in the NICU at Serdang Hospital… The mother has been discharge early yesterday morning.

So we arrive… i dont know her so well since i have met her only once… but still as usual i still can talk and x de lah malu sgt.. futher more im going to have the same experiance as she has been trough right? so it is ok to ask and to share.

So we jump to the baby topics.. she told us that the baby heart (jantung) is not functioning well… and the baby also having the symtom towards Syndrom Down… Astaghfirullahhalazim… i was like very suprised.. this is the first time im having a family member that had to go trough this test , but Allah have promise on his test there will be a large hikmah and pahala awaits.

she seems to be very sad… she did tell that every time she goes for a visit at the NICU she will cry.. She has known the baby condition before after doing the scan… but she said to her husband that she wants to recieve the baby with all he heart,.. or org kate menerima dengan seadanya… saya sgt2 tersentuh… sgt2 sedih.. berat dugaan yang allah dah beri padanye.. berat mata memandang berat lg bahu yg memikul
sungguh sayu sgt.. hubby punye muke pun mcm berubah… Ya Allah if i were at her placed… how would i feel… sgt besar cabaran untuk membesar kan mereka.. perlu dikuti dengan kesabaran yg tinggi.. Ya Allah hebat dugaan mu terhadap nye.. tp saya kagum memandang sepasang mata yg redha menerima segalanye.. beliau dan suami masih tersenyum walau pun redup mata saya memandang mata mereka masih dalam kesedihan..
hanya secebis doa dalam hati yg mampu sy bacakan agar diringan kan  beban keluarga ini kelak.. tp yang pasti nye kedua ibu dan bapa nie bakal menunggu syurga untuk mereke untuk keredhaan dan ketabahan mereka.. Allah tidak akan menguji hamba nye ini jike Allah tahu yg kite tidak mampu menerima nye.. maka nye kite adalah insan yg mampu jika diberi dugaan ini…

today i did some researched on SYndrom Down.. Nak menitis air mata dengan kisah yg dibacakan… ade yg menerima dan ade juga yg tidak dapat menerima..

Insyallah Syurga buat mereka yang menerima nye dengan redha….



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