Published August 1, 2013 by mamalolapapabobo


hohoho sape yg duk bace blog sori lama x update.. its been a while.. duk adept ngan new life… working, wife mummy sister and doughter plays big role in my life…
and within this month much things had happen.. spoiled all the mood i have even for raya… but what can be conclude here is…

1) to be honest is y do we need to talk behind other people but when u depan die u sgt lah baik.. damn im so frustrated.. besides they are your family eventough not related to blood but still kite tersangkut.
lg pun to think of it back… u x berhak pun nak ckp pape pasal me or others.. even among them self pun they talk behind each other. i have been there.. i have all the stories.. moral is if u see or heard that they are talking about others infront of you, just stand up n go somewhere else. bocouse you know what, how they talk about other people that is how they talk about u!!!
why u cannot accept people as they are. lain lah kalau betul2 that people buat jahat ngan u ke. like die fitnah u ke.. nie x.. people are being nice to u but still u kutuk die.. what the h**l.

2) kenapa die ckp blakang? die jeles ke? kite ada buat salah ngan die? cakaplah depan kalau betul niat tu nak tego… beri nasihat.. xkan i nak lempang u plak bile u nasihat i kan… jeles must be the thing.. dah die x de tu yg die duk sibuk.. cube kalau die ade,, x de nye die nak ngutuk kite kan..

3) yg i paling x leh trime is DEPAN i semua mulut manis2…. blakang i …???? u all jew lah yg tau…

4) So moral nye LIMIT yourself.. dont be to exicited becouse they are not.. just limit takat perkara2 rasmi jew dah lah. thats the advise i get…

5) forgive them walaupun mereke ini sgt ego.. haram sorang pun x mintak maaf … yg they sibuk cari salah org yg cerita kat i… dey!!!! kalau u x ckp x kan org nak criter… kalau x ckp ade nak sampai criter tu.. x de kan…

6) Sad.. so sad… tambah sad.. dah wat salah ngan kiite , die ungkit brg die.. so budak2… okeh what she did not remember is die hutang aku lg bnyk.. sediy.. nak cari salah kite tp die x ingat salah die plak. x pe aku dah halal kan

yes aku pun ckp blakang tp depan2 pun memang aku x baik ngan  org yg aku x suke.. but atleast i x kutuk you all okeh yg i anggap mcm family..Even the story teller tu pun i penah once cakp pasal die… but not u all…END of MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS after this……..


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