Maybank Yippie-i Account

Published August 15, 2013 by mamalolapapabobo

BUka akaun yippie (maybank) untuk Malaeqa.

So Malaeqa dah celebrate her first raya in her life. Kutipan duit raya??? agak memberansang kan. hahahaha. Duit masa malaeqa lahir hari tu pun ade lg. hikhikhik so me n abah decide we should create an account for u. At first mummy decide to create SSPN account.
Then mummy have a research and than mummy can see that opening a yippie-i maybank is much more benefit plus the ineterest rate is higher every year. let mummy list down why i choose Yippie saving account :

Yippie Savings Account

A savings account for children aged below 18 years, offering high interest rates up to 3.00% p.a.

Effective rate:
1.45 – 3.01% p.a.

Minimum deposit:

* Eligible for protection by PIDM


*Free Coin Box (i.e. Computer Whiz & Graduate Design) when you open a Yippie account with RM250 deposit; Limited Edition Soft Toy Coin Box with RM1000 deposit
*Cash rewards for Yippie Club members who excel in their PMR, SPM, STPM and Tertiary level exams
*Free Personal Accident Insurance coverage of up to RM70,000 for you and your child
*A chance to win fantastic prizes in various contests (if any)

Who can apply

Children below 18 years old, parents and guardians who are below 60 years of age

Interest rates

For Personal/Joint accounts

*Child: Original birth certificate and MyKid
*Parents / Guardian: Original Identity Card (IC) for Malaysians and
*Passports for foreigners

Academic Cash Award

The Cash Award for Academic Excellence is given for excellent grades in PMR, SPM, STPM/A-Levels and Degree level. The cash awards are as follows:

Cash award
PMR (7As) – RM100 per accountholder
SPM (8As / A+)    – RM200 per accountholder
STPM/A-Levels 5As / 4As and MUET Grade 6) – RM300 per accountholder
University Degree(1st Class Honours)    – RM500 per accountholder

Intresting kan???????????? mummy berangan Malaeqa will get all those academic cash reward okeh. hehhehehe amin.

So time luch mummy pegi Maybank kat pusat bandar puchong…. so i want to share just a simple step untuk sape yg nak buat akaun nie…

1. prepared your ic and your child birth certificate.
2. Pegi kaunter pertanyaan yang plg depan skali tu tell him or her that you want to open a yippie acount. then they will ask how old is your child. so mine is 4 month. hehehhe so he or she will  give you two sets of form. one is on your iinformation and the others is for your child.
3. Fill the forms and return back. and they will ask you to wait.
4. When your name is called go and sign the nessecary form and they will ask if you want a maybank bank card. so i say yes… (tp i dah berikrar i akan sembunyi kan kad ini) hhahahhha
5. Go to cash deposit machine and bank in the first amount you want.
6. Go back to the counter wait for them to clear and its done!

Simple and easy. Futher more you can have direct access trough the maybank2u. Since our child is still not 18 the account will be under our name…

Maybank_yippie.jpg               yip1
So Siap lah sudah Malaeqa Yippie account around an hour juga.. kos org agak ramai. … jum menabung,,,,


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