CURVES fitness gym for women 2014.

Published May 6, 2014 by mamalolapapabobo

I am the fatty fat bombom mummy now… hahaha so i decide to take my self to the gym… at least if i cannot loose much of my weight i may just want to stay fit…

So i been searching for gym in my work place area.. so that i can rush to gym after work and fetched my princess and go home. after hours of gooooogling i found one… just two row after my office… PERFECT!

Still i have to consider the fees right? dont want to waist much hihihihih

IT is call CURVES… This is the website… its a women only GYM…..

it is a simple gym where you can do a session for about 30 minutes a day and 3 time a week that is… all the equipment is ot the heavy one.. just nice for a biggenner for me. Owh i went to CURVES in bandar putri puchong.

So first i just give them a call .. just to ask about the fees actually but they ask me come.. they never tell it over the phone right… so off i go the gym that evening…

To my suprise it is conssider quite OK for the fees… but you have to pay buy debit or creadit card.. no cash…

The registration fees : RM350 ( but discount 50%)

Monthly is RM109 for 12 month contract…

Please ask them if you do not understand about the fees.. if u want to stop before the one year contract you will be charged RM20 per month up to RM100.

You have to key in the form for cancle lation after 1 years or it will continue creadit from your account…

the instructor are mch ok and the best thing is you relax…

Chaiyok2 asma!!!!




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